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Network System Engineer



  1. Monitoring and executing the health checks of the servers (HP, SUN and Dell servers), storage and network equipment’s (Cisco switches, router, access point and firewall)
  2. Manage escalation to hardware vendor
  3. Manage and maintain operating system, servers, network equipment’s, data storage
  4. Manage changes to systems and network configurations
  5. Overseeing security of all systems, especially the internet, and installing antivirus protection
  6. Fixing network faults
  7. Network maintenance
  8. Technical support for people using the network
  9. Day to day admin and monitoring of network use
  10. Attending scheduled Operations and Maintenance Meeting
  11. Ensuring the support issue is resolved within the SLA
  12. Update to the customer accordingly on the status of support issue until resolved


  1. Diploma in Information Systems, Business, Communications or related field
  2. Minimum 2 years of relevant technical experience in networking support




















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